7 rounds, 69 questions
Wealth quiz poster The online quiz "Wealth" will immerse you in the world of knowledge and interesting facts! Are you ready to test your knowledge in various fields, from history to finance? 69 questions and 7 exciting rounds await you: “History”, “Gold”, “Famous Characters”, “Interesting Facts”, “Ways to Make Money”, “Luck” and “Banks”. Play with your family or friends - up to 16 people! Use your mobile phone to choose answers and win. "Wealth" is suitable for players of all ages, from 10 to 99 years. Learn, have fun and get one step closer to real wealth!
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Play time

Starting the game

The game launches in 1 click. No need to download or install anything. We built this for non-techies so even our Grandmas can use it.Below is the video of the process:

Below is the video of the process:

What do we need to play the game ?

Laptop with open lid
Any PC with modern browser will do
HDMI connection
HDMI connection
This is optional, but we recommend that you connect your computer to a large TV set.
Smart phone
Smart phone
It is required for each player to answer questions. There is no need to install anything.



The quiz questions are shown on a big screen - computer or TV, and each participant chooses the correct answer from several suggested answers on their smartphone. Quiz questions are voiced, some contain videos and music, so it's fun for everyone to play!


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