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No matter what I do, there is still no sound

To play our games, playing videos and sounds is necessary. Please make sure the sound is turned on and the volume is set sufficiently. Some browsers disable sound and video due to considering it annoying for users. It is recommended to enable auto-play for our website

Enable Auto-Play in Safari

  • Click on Safari, then Preferences
  • Select Websites tab on top of the window
  • Click on Auto-Play in left sidebar
  • Choose Allow All Auto-Play for website ""

Enable Auto-Play in Chrome

  • Click on settings menu in address bar:
  • Click on Site Settings
  • Click on Allow right to "Sound"

Enable Auto-Play in Firefox

  • Click on settings menu in address bar:
  • Click on Allow Audio and Video right to "Autoplay"

I bought the game but didn't receive any email

The email should arrive within a few minutes. If you have not received it, please check your spam folder in your mail.

The game runs with delays

Games include displaying a large number of images, sounds and even videos. Therefore, in order for the game to run smoothly, you need a stable and fast Internet connection.

The game won't start

Please make sure you are using the latest version of one of the desktop browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera

This could also be caused by an ad blocking extension in your browser that may be blocking the quest from working. If you have a blocker, try running the quest in a different browser, on a different computer, or running it in incognito mode.

Where can I get some help ?

Feel free to email us at [email protected]

You can also check the following pages:
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Refund Policy
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